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Jeff Bezos attends Aldrin gala for space education at KSC

Without educators, pioneers and innovators, there would be no space program, which is why Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin wants to foster a learning environment that will turn today’s children into tomorrow’s Martians.

“Tonight, we are here to honor the Apollo astronauts,” said John Zarella, master of ceremonies for the Apollo 11 Anniversary Gala. “But we’re also here to educate the next generation,” Generation Mars.

Aldrin and his ShareSpace Foundation hosted the gala Saturday night at Kennedy Space Center’s Apollo/Saturn V Center, drawing astronauts, educators and space fans from around the world.

Dr. Andy Aldrin, director of the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute and Aldrin’s son, said he grew up around the space program.

“I thought it was normal that people went to the moon,” he said.

Now he knows the time, money, innovation and manpower that went into the moon program. Today, there is a child out there who will be the first person to step on Mars, Andy Aldrin said.

“And right now, she may not even know that she’s got the talent and passion to be an astronaut,” he said.

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